About Us


Established in 2015 by Mr. Hussain Malkawi as the trading arm of Razan Medical Group, Razan Medical Trading serves as a local (UAE) and regional distributor of medical equipment and consumables in the MENA region.

With over 30 years of expertise managing multinational companies in the Middle East and Africa, we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure a visible and influential presence in the region.

At Razan Medical, we always strive to guarantee:

  • Dependable customer service and after-sales service
  • Advanced and innovative healthcare products
  • Positive long-term relations with our valued clients
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Distinguished market knowledge
  • Competitive and fair prices


Establishing and bringing forth innovative medical products from esteemed manufacturers across the globe that aid the medical field in the MENA region. All whilst providing sustained educational support to ensure our valued clients enhance their practical experience.


To be the leading medical solutions provider in the MENA region, whilst maintaining a synergic relationship with our clients and suppliers.